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Preschool Education

Our Philosophy

We believe in bringing up children on a Christ-based foundation through intentional learning and play.

Our Goal

To provide Christian education that promotes the joy of learning and stimulates early childhood development in an enriching and nurturing environment.

Kindergarten Readiness

Our program provides kindergarten readiness, where we give specific attention to reading readiness, beginning math concepts and the development of writing skills. This provides the preschooler with a strong foundation for success in kindergarten and the school years ahead.

Bible-Based teaching

We provide a Christ-based education that promotes the joy of learning.

Children are taught Biblical principles and how to put them into action in their daily activities and relationships. We believe God created each child unique and has a special plan for their lives. Our goal is to help them know that God loves them and created them to love Him and one another.

Nurture and support will surround your child as they learn to know and trust God through His Word. We support what children are learning at home and at church by including Bible stories, prayer, song and scripture verses in our time together.

Health and Fitness

A 30-minute "Let's Move" fitness class is included once per week. Preschoolers will participate in exercises that incorporate flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance and agility to promote healthy growth and development.  Good nutrition and personal care habits are taught to help children establish a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Art and Music

Arts, crafts, drama, and music components are combined to provide a well-rounded fine arts program for inspiring creativity. Once per week, "Music for Young Children" (MYC) classes, taught by a certified music instructor, are incorporated once a week into our preschool classes. Your preschooler will experience an exciting 30 minutes of learning basic concepts of rhythm, tempo and dynamics, as well as singing and playing instruments.

Your child will also be also be able to express themselves during free play time in our beautiful and spacious Centre’s Room, which offers stations that will ignite their imagination and encourage social growth.

Mini-Masterminds Science and Robotics Program

Friday preschool classes feature a learning component focused on science and robotics. The robotics curriculum highlights fun adventures with Cubetto, a friendly, wooden, child programmable robot that will teach your child computational thought that can be applied to problem solving and computer processes. Cubetto will engage your child in hands-on play without any screens or words to get in the way of learning the basics of algorithms, functions, and other coding concepts. Experiments are a fun way to introduce children to basic scientific concepts. During the science component of class, children will explore different science experiments that will encourage them to be curious, creative and confident.


Our preschool teacher, Mrs. Austring, has a love for children and a passion for people. She has her Early Childhood Education Certificate and over 28 years of combined experience including Preschool teacher, Day Care Facilitator, Educational Assistant and Development Worker.

Mrs. Austring puts fun into learning and has a desire to see children grow and learn in their own unique ways. She exemplifies God’s love in action and attitude and values every child as God’s special creation. Mrs. Austring and the preschool staff are so excited to lead your child through a fun-filled year of learning and growing together!

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