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A post-secondary degree or diploma can lead to many career opportunities but can also leave college and university students with a large debt load afterwards. Obtaining a scholarship can be a helpful way of offsetting the high price of post-secondary education, but applying for scholarships can be intimidating.  The best way to ease the stress is being well prepared for applying.  Click here to access some steps you can do to be ready for any scholarship that you find.

There are many scholarships that a high school student can apply for which are sponsored by different companies, universities, colleges and private individuals. It is very important to take note of deadlines when applying for a scholarship.  Here is a list of links to some scholarships and post-secondary institutions. 

Financial Literacy and Education information


Please click on the below links to access the specific scholarship options.

Canada Scholarships           

          Scholar Tree


School Finder               

University of Saskatchewan          

University of Regina          

Saskatchewan Polytechnic            

SGEU Scholarships             

Aboriginal Canadians Scholarships          

Aboriginal Awards            

SK Youth Apprenticeship Scholarships               



Schulich Leader Scholarships (STEM disciplines)

Newcomer Bursary Program

Mantle-Blachford Scholarship for Co-operative Education

TransCanada Scholarships

The National Union's Scholarship Program - (this website includes The Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship, Tommy Douglas Scholarship, Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship, Scholarship for Indigenous Students)



Terry Fox Humanitarian Award 

Kin Canada Bursaries (Kinsmen & Kinettes)

Conexus Credit Union Youth Leadership Award



CAA Sask. Entrance Scholarship

Agriculture Student Scholarship (Min. of Agriculture)

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Scholarship 

(Submit your application for this award to the high school office by 3rd week of February)

SaskTel Scholarships

The Leonard Foundation (financial need)

LiveBright Scholarship Program

JW & Joan McLellan Family Entrance Scholarship

Anne Rigney Entrance Scholarship

Henry Baker Scholarships (City of Regina)  

Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Scholarship (Grade 11) 

(Submit your application for this award to the high school office by 3rd week of February)



Regina East Zone Bursary

Access Communications Scholarship

TCU Financial Group (Opens January)

Build a Better World Scholarship  (Affinity Credit Union)

Carlyle Murray Educational Foundation

Boom and Bucket Student Scholarship



The Lorne Aston Scholarship

The Ron Pettigrew Athletic Citizenship Award 

The Dr Paul Schwann Humanitarian Award

Walt Yeo Basketball Scholarship

(For the 4 above scholarships please submit your application to the high school office by the first Monday in May)

Grade 12 Volunteer Recognition Award

Monsanto Fund Opportunity Scholarship

Les Donnelly Scholarship

Sask Pulse Growers Scholarship Awards

Leader Post Bursary

Enbridge Youth Leadership Award

Bill Mason Scholarship Fund 

Andre De Grass Scholarship

Elwood Harvey Scholarship (Grade 11)

Education Scholarship (Sask School Board Assoc.)

The Gabriel Dumont Scholarship Foundation



Abbott & Fenner Scholarships

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship

Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG member/dependent)  

Horatio Alger National Vocational & Technical Scholarship Program



Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship

Tommy Douglas Scholarship



Jack Moore Memorial Scholarship (The Royal Canadian Legion, Sask. Command)



TD Scholarships for Community Leadership - These scholarships are awarded to students across Canada who have shown exceptional initiative in making a meaningful and lasting difference in their community.  Each scholarship includes four years of tuition at any approved university or college in Canada , up to a maximum of $10,000 per year; $7,500 per year towards living expenses; and offers of summer employment.  This scholarship opens in September each year. To be eligible, students must be in their last year of high school. 

For more info please log on to https://www.td.com/ca/en/personal-banking/solutions/student-banking/community-leadership-scholarship-for-canadians/ 

SGI Scholarships 

Storwell Bursary

Quest for Excellence Bursary Program

Dalton Camp Award (essay)

National Scholarship Program  (U of T)

AES Engineers Scholarships

Canadian Western Agribition Scholarship

Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship (financial need)

Loran Scholarship

University of Saskatchewan  Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarships



Burger King Scholarship

The Gabriel Dumont Scholarship Foundation



RBC Student leading Change Scholarship



Various Scholarships with December Deadlines




Go to: https://www.k12.gov.sk.ca/etranscript/ 

Click on: Request for High School Transcripts (Grades 10-12)

Click on: Online Request for High School and Adult 12 Transcripts

Click on: Continue to Transcript Request Form

When ordering a transcript choose As Soon As Possible, After January exams, After June exams (there are 9 options)

Include the option for the school you would like to have your transcripts sent to

Cost: $20 (for up to 5 transcripts;  $2.00/transcript above 5 orders)\