International Studies International Student Fees

International Student Fees

Tuition fees cover all costs for academic instruction including text books and participation in the basic school program.

Please note that the tuition fees apply if a student’s parents do not reside, work, and pay income tax in Saskatchewan. Having a parent live temporarily in Saskatchewan during the school year does not change the student’s status.

International Student Fees

  1. Registration fee (non-refundable): $300 (CAD)
  2. The homestay placement & administration fee (non-refundable): $500 (CAD)
  3. Tuition $12,800 CAD (Elementary) and $13,500 CAD (High School) is due immediately at the time of acceptance.
  4. Canadian homestay fee of $11,000 (CAD) (from September to June, or January to December (excluding July and August): 10 months) must be paid 60 days prior to the first day of the school.
  • If the homestay family reports any damages during the stay, the cost to repair the damages will be charged to the parent/guardian and must be paid immediately.


Refund Policy

In the event that I am unable to obtain a Student Authorization, or decide not to attend, or leave the International Education Program, I agree that only a portion of the paid tuition fee will be refunded. 

In all cases, the application fee will be retained to cover administrative expenses. The following refund policy will apply for each school year for which a student is registered.

  1. A full refund of tuition fees will only be awarded, excluding the registration fee ($300 CAD) and the homestay placement & administration fee ($500 CAD), if the student authorization application is not approved before the first day of school using a Letter of Admission provided by RCS. An original copy of the rejection letter from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) must be provided to Regina Christian School before refund is to be considered.
  2. Tuition fees will not be refunded if the student withdraws prior to the first day school, for any reason after a study permit has been issued, using a letter of admission provided by RCS. The paid homestay fees will be refunded except for one month’s fees.
  3. Tuition fees will not be refunded after the first day of school and an additional one month of homestay fees will be charged if the student voluntarily withdraws from the program during the school year.
  4. Tuition fees will not be refunded, if a student is expelled from RCS for whatever reason. An additional one month’s homestay fees will be charged.
  5. Tuition fees will not be refunded if a student is withdrawn from RCS’s homestay program at the schools discretion. The paid homestay fees will be refunded except for one month’s fees.  
  6. The homestay placement fee & administration fee of $500 is non-refundable.
  7. If a parent(s) gets a permanent resident visa or a full-time working permit during the current school year, the student will be considered an International student with its regulations until the new school year begins. The student will have to re-apply as a non-international student for the next school year. For example, if a parent obtains a permanent resident visa in March, the student will still be considered an international student until June of the current school year.
  8. Tuition fees and homestay fees will not be refunded for violations of the student code of conduct, engaging in illegal activities such as, using alcohol, tobacco products, illicit drugs, driving with and without a driver’s license, or other activities deemed inappropriate by RCS.
  9. Tuition fees will not be refunded once the first day of school has commenced, whether the student is present or absent on that day.
  10. Tuition fees will not be refunded if the study permit is not renewed or is revoked by              Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Additional Fees

  1. Students will not be allowed to stay at their homestay location during July and August (summer break). Returning students must pack all of their belongings and store them at the school during the summer break. If a student fails to or chooses not to store their belongings at the school during July and August, there will be a fee charged per month.
  2. If a student’s homestay family invites their respective student on a family trip, the student will be expected to pay the necessary fees to the homestay family to join the trip. This extra fee for the trip is separate from the monthly homestay fee. If the student chooses not to join the trip, they will be assigned to a different location for the duration of the trip.
  3. Documentation Fee: $20 each.
  4. Homestay Damage Fee: As required.
  5. Transportation fee: $10 for each ride either from the homestay or school (on non-school days). (Homestay parents are only responsible for transportations to and from the school. The homestay parents are not obligated to provide transportation to and from any personal activities including sports, meeting friends, going to the mall, etc. In cases where the homestay parents agree to provide transportation, the student must pay $10 (CAD) per ride to the homestay parent.)
  6. Any activities of students’ choice with associated fees such as sports programs, co-curricular activities, choir tours and other trips.
  7. Grade 12 Grad Fee - Grade 12 Students only.
  8. Athletic Fees – Students participating in extracurricular sports are financially responsible for a variety of items including clothing, equipment and athletic fees. The cost varies depending on the sport and age level.

 Additional Information

  1. All accounts not paid in full during the school year are charged a late payment fee of 2% interest for each month.
  2. Saskatchewan Health provides the comprehensive healthcare insurance at no cost.
  3. Regina Christian School will not be able to advance or hold funds on behalf of a student.
  4. Regina Christian School will be responsible for the application of Saskatchewan Health Cards for international students. Although all students ultimately receive a Saskatchewan Health Card, the length of time that it takes for the issuing of a health card is out of our control. If there is a period that the student has to wait for the health card to be issued, the student will be responsible for any health care fees that arise during this time. Because the issuing of a health card depends on the expiry date of the students’ visa and study permit, students and parents need to ensure that the expiry dates are well into the future as to not interfere with the issuing of his or her health card.
  5. Regina Christian School, if possible, may aid in reapplying for student visas, from an administrative standpoint (i.e. paperwork). Regina Christian School is not responsible for the issuing of the student visas, as we do not have any control or authority over the decision. The student must pay all of the necessary fees when extending or reapplying for student visas. The fees are subject to change annually, so please refer to Immigration and Citizenship Canada website.