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Pre-K to Grade 12

A child’s ability to read and write is foundational to his or her ability to learn.  With that in mind, the teachers at Regina Christian School are committed to helping your child grow in his or her literacy skills so that she is able to access the world that is available through literature.

Each level of education at Regina Christian seeks to advance children’s literacy skills while recognizing that each student will learn at a different pace.  Early years (Preschool-Grade 1) focuses on letter recognition and phonemic awareness with name and sound, culminating in reading readiness.  Primary (Grades 2-5) builds upon those foundational skills to increase student comprehension and the ability to understand the main ideas and details of texts.  Students also work on developing their writing skills, learning various forms of writing and the writing process.  Middle Years (Grades 6-8) goes further, helping students develop and refine their reading skills as they learn to analyze various texts.  Students continue to participate in the writing process, using their creativity to create unique texts about various topics.  High School (Grades 9-12) seeks to prepare students for further education, focusing on literary analysis skills and expository, persuasive, and creative writing.  Students explore literature from Canada and around the world throughout their high school years.

Many studies show that although literacy instruction at school is important, a literacy-rich home environment is crucial to a child’s literacy growth.