RCS Community Community Outreach

Inner City Mentorship Program


The Inner City Mentorship Team is a group of grade 9-12 students committed to building relationships with students and families in the heart of Regina.  Currently, the team operates as an extra-curricular activity and runs on course completion days under the direction of RCS Vice-Principal and school Chaplain.

One of our areas of focus is our partnership with Kitchener School, providing mentorship, hope and friendship to their students. Throughout the year our team will spend time with Kitchener students engaging in a variety of activities: Gym Mania afternoons (an afternoon of fun and games), baking, arts and craft activities, community visits, as well as a spring carnival. Once a year, our team partners with the students of Scott Collegiate High School and put on a similar, but larger mentorship event.  This event again includes Kitchener School, as well as two other Regina inner city elementary schools – Seven Stones and Albert Park.

Outside of this partnership, we provide our Inner City Mentorship Team with opportunities to serve with parachurch organizations. Some of our students volunteer their time with The Burger Bus, Souls Harbour, YFC and other inner city ministry agencies. All students in grades 9 – 12 are welcome to join the Inner City Mentorship Team. We are committed to making a difference through service one heart at a time. 

I started attending in grade 6 and I wasn’t expecting to be in such a welcoming environment. I didn’t think that I would make friends immediately, but I did. With RCS being a Christ-centered school, it definitely helped me grow in my faith. As I got more involved in various activities such as Inner City Missions, I became more open to volunteering because it made me realize that I love serving others and spreading God’s love. My time at RCS made me learn the importance of community and spreading God’s love, which is something that I will definitely never forget. 

RCS Student