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Planning for Post Secondary

Through the excellent academic program that Regina Christian School has to offer, there are endless post-secondary opportunities that become available to students upon graduation. Regina Christian School seeks to prepare students for universities and colleges in Canada and internationally. Our graduates have successfully entered into a wide variety of trades and careers and pursue undergraduate and graduate programs from universities and colleges in Canada and abroad.  

The RCS high school administration office offers guidance to students in applying to programs available at universities, colleges and Bible schools. Post-secondary and career planning can begin as early as grade 7 with the online program myBlueprint - a resource that helps students plan their pre-employment and post-secondary search during class time and on their own.  Being awarded a scholarship is also a great way of funding post-secondary tuition costs.  There are many scholarships to apply for in Canada and North America that students should become aware of when they are in their high school years.  It is worth the effort to research, investigate and apply for external scholarships, bursaries and grants.  

RCS School Profile for Post-Secondary Applications