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RCS Parent Testimonials


"Regina Christian School is nothing like any other school our children have ever attended. As a family, we decided to relocate to Canada in 2016 from the United Kingdom. Before relocation as a family, we did a lot of research regarding what kind of education we wanted for our children. This is quite relevant for any family who wants a solid Christian foundation for their child/children considering the fact, that it is the best we could bequeath to any child. This reminds us of the biblical injunction of training up a child in the way they should go, so they don't depart from it when they are older. We have come to realize that our children are in a different era from the ones we were raised in and they need to be equipped for the future.

We have 3 lovely daughters and by God's grace, we will continue to do our job in parenting them with confidence under God's guidance. Enrolling them in RCS will continue to enhance and further their Christian upbringing rather than in a school where their education will be at variant with our belief.

Yes, it's financially involving but if you are told that spending a small fraction of your income will alleviate future life problems for your kids, will you not do it?? Just saying, there are various forms of financing available, one just needs to explore them and will find out that it's worth the sacrifice.

As a family, we have seen the difference in our kids, right from the first day they started school at RCS. They not only made lifelong friendships amongst themselves but with teachers and other families. RCS is a school for Christian education combined with secular education. It has graduates who are in various works of life ranging from entrepreneurs, business owners, pharmacists, teachers, police officers, financial, advisers, engineers, nurses, IT professionals, allied health professionals and many others. I will recommend it for any family wanting to relocate to Regina from abroad or within Canada. It has its share of challenges but like in everything else, there are no perfect places or people. In RCS, you will find a place where the hard work you have made as parents will not be diluted or erased by other forms of education that are not in line with our Christian faith and beliefs. Joining the big family at RCS is something we are glad we did because it has a global representation amongst staff and students."




"My wife and I have 7 kids.  All have attended RCS from preschool on.  5 have graduated, one is graduating this year, and the youngest is in grade 7. 

Back in the late 90's when we began to think about educating our children, we had mixed feelings about the options of public, private and home-based schooling.  

We gave RCS a try and over the next several years, our reservations turned to enthusiasm.  

What truly sold us and continues to give confidence is the special commitment of the teaching staff and the warm family atmosphere, where our Christian values are affirmed solidly and creatively.  Also, we have been very happy with the high level of academics at this school.

We have come to greatly appreciate the extra-curricular activities, and the opportunity to get involved as parent volunteers.  The friendships with other parents has been special, even after graduation, and the bond of prayer cements this in a deeply meaningful way. 

Our kids were well-prepared for post-secondary opportunities, but more than this we are so grateful for the spiritual input many teachers have given.  That is priceless."

Alan and Sally Jacobson