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In this study, kindergarteners will learn about God through the lives of major characters throughout the Bible. With activities designed to reinforce lessons from the Teacher’s Manual, this colorful workbook can help students comprehend and apply Bible truths.

Grade 1

First graders will learn about the many gifts given to us by God, including the ultimate gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. This study highlights Creation, our families, our friends, the work of Christ, and many other examples of God’s care.

Grade 2

This study teaches that when God gives a command, He also provides a promise. Blessing can follow obedience as God graciously fulfills His Word. Students will study the life of Moses through the Book of Exodus, witnessing the tribulations and victories of the Israelites as they learn to trust God.

Grade 3

The lives of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Daniel can teach us much about the rewards of living for God. Each of them faced rejection, but by God’s grace, they all remained faithful. In this study, students will see examples of discipline and character, all while learning about the God that is our strength.

Grade 4

Our lives are like castles that God can build into strong and beautiful monuments to His grace. Students will discover God’s redemptive love by studying the life of Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the ministry of the Apostle Paul.

Grade 5

Just as God wanted His people to possess the land of Canaan, so He desires His children to live in a spiritual realm of promise and victory today. Through this study, your students will gain an understanding of the patterns and themes of God’s work through the Old Testament.

Grade 6

In Winning the Race, Students will discover how various Bible characters strove to win the race that God set for them. This study also presents an overview of New Testament doctrine, including the past, present, and future work of Christ.

Grade 7

Every Christian should desire to become like Christ. This study gives your students the tools to begin their journey toward spiritual maturity. They will gain an understanding of introductory Christian doctrine, including salvation, the study of the Bible, and the power of prayer. Students will learn how to live out their love for God and share Him with others.

Grade 8

In middle school, young people face more and more decisions on their own. Soon they find that their new freedoms are followed by greater responsibility and higher expectations. RCS encourages students to study the wisdom of God in Proverbs, allowing Him to shape their lives into the image of His Son, Christ.


High School

In our high school department (grades 9-12) our teachers use their own curriculum. Over the course of high school students will work their way through the entire Bible. All grades work together to set students up to write their own Creed in grade twelve.  High School students also have a service component in their bible class.  Each year, high school students are expected to volunteer and serve for a total of 10 hours in three different communities during the semester: 

  • Regina Christian School
  • A local church body
  • The community at large

These opportunities help our students to be a light in our community by serving Jesus Christ and others with their time, personal gifts and talents. For each volunteer experience, students complete a reflection paper and a service hours record which is submitted to their teacher.

Grade 9

In grade nine the gospels are all taught, with an emphasis on the book of John. Students take an in depth look at the attributes of God and begin to cover the Bible canonization. Students are also required to memorize weekly Bible verses.

Grade 10

In grade ten our students focus on the books of Genesis to Esther. Students are taught many metanarratives that happen throughout. They learn how the Old Testament and New Testament work together. Students also journal and have weekly memorization.

Grade 11

The focus here is the Old Testament poetry books and prophets. There is memory work on the reliability, inspiration and authority of the Bible. Students have projects on major world religions and different denominations. Some of their learning outcomes are: confidence in God, His promises and spiritual growth plans.

Grade 12

Our grade twelve students pick up the New Testament in the book of Acts and go all the way till the book of Revelation. The major assignment in grade twelve is to write their own Creed. Students have debates, a book study, weekly memorizations, and different presentations.

RCS has definitely helped me grow my faith. The weekly chapels and different activities we did allowed me to connect with God in an environment that was safe and comforting to do so. Having the option to talk to different staff members about different problems was also a huge benefit. Just knowing that there were so many people that I could come to allowed me to feel safe and comfortable with talking about my faith. The Christian Ethics classes we took were also very helpful. Having a class dedicated to studying our beliefs and the varying beliefs within the same dogma allowed me to figure out, for myself, what I want to believe. I think RCS had a huge impact on making my faith my own. I was able to explore different ways of looking at the Bible and choosing for myself what I believe. Regina Christian School has brought me closer to God and allowed me to decide my own faith. 

RCS Student