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Phys Ed

Phys Ed, Health & Wellness

Regina Christian School offers various interactive Physical Education, Health, and Wellness courses designed to encourage students to develop a balance between physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of life.

The aim of the Saskatchewan Health Education curricula is to develop confident and competent students who understand, appreciate, and apply health knowledge, skills, and strategies throughout life.

The K-12 aim of the Saskatchewan Physical Education curricula is to support students in becoming physically educated individuals who have the understandings and skills to engage in movement activity, and the confidence and disposition to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Based upon the K-12 vision of health education and physical education, the purpose of Wellness 10 is to develop confident and competent students who understand, appreciate, and engage in a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle.

The vision of the Physical Education 20/30 curriculum is to create lifelong learners who desire to live an active lifestyle. Skill development and participation will foster positive attitudes toward a lifetime commitment to physical activity.  The Physical Education 20/30 classes occur in the gymnasium or various community facilities such as the University of Regina Pool, City of Regina Cricket Pitch, City of Regina Frisbee Golf Course, and local bowling lanes, just to name a few.

The course is designed around outcomes and indicators in respect to broad areas of learning: Sense of Self, Community and Place, Lifelong Learners, Engaged Citizens.

Regina Christian School compliments the Physical Education, Health, and Wellness programming with excellent extracurricular athletics programs.  The school regularly sends students to City, Conference, Regional and Provincial Championships.