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Advanced Placement Academics


The Advanced Placement (AP) academics program includes college level classes regulated through the College Board. The College Board helps more than 7 million students prepare  for successful transition to college through preparatory programs including the Advanced Placement  program and SAT. At RCS it is an optional program designed to offer our students enrichment by encouraging students to dig deeper into subjects that interest them. The rigorous nature of the program helps high school students develop their communication and research skills and better prepare for their post-secondary studies.

Most universities will grant credit in approved courses to students who achieve a 4 or 5 on international AP exams written in May.

The mark attained on an AP exam will not affect the class mark that appears on a student’s Ministry of Education transcript. The transcript mark reflects the achievement in meeting the outcomes of the Saskatchewan curriculum.


Generally, a mark of 85% or greater in a prerequisite course is suggested for students who wish to take an AP course. More important is the student’s motivation and commitment to the importance of academic rigor. To be successful, students should:

  • enjoy a challenge
  • have a well-developed work ethic
  • be self-disciplined and self-motivated to achieve
  • find learning stimulating and exciting
  • have a teacher’s recommendation
  • have parental support and approval

Browse our Advanced Placement brochure for specific information regarding AP courses offered at RCS.

We believe the study of a wide range of resources that support curriculum is valuable.  Through our studies across a variety of disciplines, we teach students to understand and evaluate all concepts in light of Scripture and a Biblical worldview.  We choose resources to support curricula at Regina Christian School based on the course structures provided by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education and for Advanced Placement courses, the College Board as well.  All resources reflect our philosophy of presenting information in light of a Biblical worldview.  Consequently, RCS students are required to read and evaluate a variety of literature and other documents - both Christian and secular - which enable us to discuss societal values and issues from a Christ-centered perspective.  Our goal is to prepare students to engage potentially controversial ideas equipped with a Biblical mindset. 


Please take some time to open the link below and watch the interviews with our AP teachers . 

Advanced Placement Programming Virtual Presentation (click here)