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Phys Ed

Health and Physical Education

Wellness 10

  • develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and fitness
  • develop positive social behavior and positive relationships with others
  •  integrated health and physical education curriculum
  • topics include physical activity and fitness, service learning, mental health, self-awareness/self-management, culture of safety, relationships, spirituality, community challenges and healthy eating
  • activities planned give students opportunity to acquire, practice, and refine the skills taught
  • encourages wellness as a lifelong way of being
  • highly recommended for the compulsory Physical Education credit

Physical Education 20

Additional course fees will apply

  • utilizes recreational activities available in the community
  • activities are experienced using a number of facilities
  • activities include water polo, five and ten pin bowling, curling, racquetball, skiing, swimming, tennis, golf, pool, lawn bowling and a variety of gymnasium sports
  • challenges students in leadership and creative thinking

Physical Education 30

Additional course fees will apply

  •  extension of Physical Education 20