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Spiritual Life

Elementary Worship Team

Our Middle Years worship team exists to equip younger men and women to lead their peers in worship. Students who participate have the opportunity to be involved using vocal or musical instruments, and digital media or sound board mixing.  A jam session is held in the fall to allow students expressing interest to show their abilities and try out to be a part of the team.  Commitment varies throughout the year; however, a schedule is in place to remind students of their practices. On a worship chapel week, practices occur twice during the regular 15 minute daily recess.

High School Worship Team(s)

Our high school worship team offers opportunities for students grades 9 to 12,  with musical gifting, to be involved in leading their peers in worship for chapels (once or twice per month) and also leading worship for conferences, youth groups, and church and school functions throughout the school year. Past teams have even written, recorded, and performed original music using the gifts of students and staff alike.  The program functions to honour God, encourage others to worship him in an honest way, and to bring an awareness of Jesus’ saving power and grace to everyone who hears our music. Many students who have gone through this program are leading worship in their churches, colleges, universities, and small groups today.

Practices are weekly or biweekly for two hours each, depending on the amount of teams each year. Practice time increases in preparation for special events (possibly 4-6 hours for the 1-2 weeks leading up to the event).

Students involved have a range of ability from beginner to advanced musical and band skills.  A basic knowledge of an instrument or singing is required to start as individual instrument lessons are not provided.  The focus of the program is on developing the ‘worship band’ dynamic and being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to the congregation we are serving.  All students develop their skills in this program, both musically and in worship leadership.

Student Lead Prayer and Bible Study

A group of students meet weekly, during the lunch break, for prayer and Bible reading.  Anyone is welcome to attend as they are available.