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Student Leadership


The Inner City Mentorship Team is a group of grade 9-12 students committed to reaching out to the impoverished and hurting within our city. Currently, the team operates as an extra-curricular activity and runs on course completion days under the direction of Krista Munson and Tim Thiessen.

One of our focal areas is our partnership with Kitchener School. Our desire is to provide mentorship, hope and friendship. This year our team will spend time with Kitchener students through Gym Blasts, baking and community visits, reading buddies, a pancake breakfast and a spring carnival. Outside of this partnership, we provide our Inner City Mentorship Team with opportunities to serve with parachurch organizations. Some of our students volunteer their time with The Party, The Burger Bus, Souls Harbour, YFC and other inner city ministry agencies. All students in grades 9 – 12 are welcome to join the Inner City Mentorship Team. Through the Team our students not only help others, but also grow themselves. We are committed to making a difference through service one heart at a time. For more information contact Krista Munson at krista.munson@rbe.sk.ca or Tim Thiessen, Chaplain, at tim.thiessen@myrcs.org.

Elementary Student Leadership Council (SLC)

The Elementary SLC is comprised of 10-12 students from grades 6-8. These students complete an application at the beginning of each school year in which they are required to describe their personal relationship with the Lord and how they would like to serve the student body while on the SLC. The goal is to see the students who are on the Elementary Student Leadership Council grow and develop as godly leaders who will be a shining example to others.

The Elementary SLC plans different events throughout the year, such as: pep rallies, dress-up days, the 12 days of Christmas, fundraising events and fun celebration activities. It is a great way to get involved and show your school spirit!

High School Student Leadership Council (SLC)

The SLC is a council of students who act on behalf of Regina Christian School  to:

  • Plan activities to promote school spirit; Pep Rallies, Dress Up Days, Fundraisers, Friendly Fridays etc.
  • Promote the general interest of the students.
  • Provide communication and co-operation between the teachers, staff, the public and students.
  • Promote and plan activities that support the spiritual life at RCS.
  • Promote a positive image of Regina Christian School with the students and community.
  • Serve at special school events representing our families and student body.

To get involved with the SLC a student must maintain a 70% grade point average, go through an application process which includes an interview and be willing to work with a team to both lead and follow.

High School Peer Mentoring

The high school mentoring program was started by a group of grade 12 students who felt there was a need to connect better with students in other grades.

The program is open to anyone in high school and you can volunteer to be a mentor or a mentee.  Both parties agree to meet once a month and the meetings can be anything from a quick coffee to eating lunch together or participating in an activity outside of school hours like youth events, bowling, mini-golfing, etc. The goal of the program is to create relationships between the students and help both parties grow in maturity.