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I have attended Regina Christian School for 13 years now and am blessed to be graduating from there. I have been greatly impacted by both the students and the staff at RCS and have enjoyed every year spent with them.

I have been heavily involved in extracurricular activities within my school, some of which include volleyball, badminton, track and field, coaching younger teams, Guatemala missions, inner-city missions, and others. I have been involved in inner-city dance lessons and have served in an inner-city church, which has been such a huge blessing to me.

About a year ago, I began to teach myself the violin. Since then, I haven’t found anything more fulfilling or that brings me so much joy than playing my violin to the Lord. I have had the opportunity to play at church numerous times and practice in my school worship team a couple of times as well.

My future plans include a year off to serve in a different community; then I plan on applying for pre-natal nursing and using that degree to serve in Saskatchewan. I trust that God is leading me in the direction He wants for me.

June 2016

Photo Credit of Twelfth Year Photography www.twelfthyear.ca

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