Testimonials Testimonials from RCS Graduates


My name is Jaya.  I was born in India and moved to Regina when I was five years old.  I have been attending Regina Christian School for 11 years and this year I will be graduating.  I am blessed to say that I have had a fantastic high school experience at Regina Christian School.  I also have the privilege of saying that i have been able to grow stronger in my faith and make lifelong friends at this school.

My favourite subjects are history and English.  I am very interested in student government and have been involved  with RCS's Student leadership Council for three years.  I also believe that service and involvement in the community is very important and I have been volunteering with my school's Inner City Missions Team and with the Regina Immigrant Women's Centre.  I also have had the privilege of being part of the yearbook club and the mentorship program for the past two years.  I always give my best effort in my schoolwork and strive to achieve high honours every year.  I am grateful for the opportunities and for the people that have contributed to making my high school experience so incredible.  

I leave high school with hopes of a bright future as I pursue a business degree from the University of Regina.

June 2018

Photo Credit of Twelfth Year Photography www.twelfthyear.ca