International Studies International Student Readiness Plan (Covid-19)

International Student Readiness Plan (Covid-19)


RCS New International Student COVID-19 Readiness Plan

Regina Christian School is a vibrant community of Canadian and International students.  As of November 3, 2020, International Students, with approved study permits, are once again permitted to attend Regina Christian School.  To protect the health and safety of all students, the school, and the surrounding community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian educational institutions must follow the procedures, guidelines and regulations outlined by both federal and provincial authorities.  As such, international students coming to RCS after November 3, 2020 will be required to follow the mandatory 14-day quarantine period for international travelers.  All families of International Students must review and acknowledge their understanding of RCS’ New International Student COVID-19 Readiness Plan as outlined in this document during the application process.


Regina Christian School Pre-Departure Plan:

All pre-departure communication with the International Student/Family and Homestay Parents will be made by Regina Christian School’s International Studies Director.  All communication regarding COVID-19 readiness will be made by both phone and e-mail.  Regina Christian School’s international student readiness plan will be provided by e-mail when the International Studies Director receives an inquiry regarding the process for studying at Regina Christian School.  Once the student is accepted for registration and the family has confirmed flights to Regina, the director will e-mail the school’s international student readiness plan reflecting the most recent guidelines per public health and most updated and accurate COVID-19 information. 

Regina Christian School is responsible to secure a homestay family for each international student attending the school.  We do not anticipate any family members accompanying the international students for the 2020-2021 school year.  However, if any international parent chooses to accompany his or her student to Regina and needs to observe the 14 day quarantine, the International Studies Director will ensure they have a suitable place of quarantine and will provide all necessities for their 14 days.  The location would ensure a separate room for each individual.  Communication between the family and the director will occur via e-mail, phone call and/or a messenger App (Whatsapp, Wechat, Kakaotalk). Regina Christian School’s International Studies Director will advise and monitor for compliance each homestay household or quarantine location for the required COVID-19 measures including the requirement for the homestay household/location to be following all public health guidelines for Saskatchewan in the 14 days prior to the student’s/family’s arrival.  The up-to-date guidelines are available at: The Director will also monitor to ensure everyone in the home/location is free of any COVID-19 symptoms.  Each homestay/quarantine location is required to follow the guidelines from the re-open Saskatchewan plan for those arriving from outside of Canada and will quarantine their student/family for 14 days according to these guidelines.


Regina Christian School Arrival Plan:

Regina Christian School’s International Studies Director will ensure all homestay families are aware of the student’s arrival date and time and are prepared to meet the student at the airport.  The Director will check-in with the student and homestay on the date of arrival to ensure the process goes smoothly and the student is safely established at the homestay household to begin the 14-day quarantine.


Regina Christian School 14-Day Quarantine Plan:

During the quarantine period, Regina Christian School’s International Studies Director will check in at least twice a week with the student and homestay family.  These check-ins are designed to monitor the students’ physical and mental well-being as well as to check for compliance.  The director will report any non-compliance with the 14-day quarantine requirements through Saskatchewan Government’s on-line reporting form. The Director will work with the school administration office to begin distance/e-learning for the students once they are settled into their new household.    


Regina Christian School Post Quarantine Plan:

Regina Christian School’s COVID-19 planning adheres to all provincial public health requirements.  Regina Christian School’s International Studies Director will maintain regular contact with the homestay family and student.  The director will ensure all students and families are aware of the school’s COVID-19 school operation plans, Regina Public School’s contingency planning and Saskatchewan Health Authority’s public health illness process should the student be deemed a close contact.  Copies of the School’s COVID-19 operation plans, RBE’s and Public Health’s In-School Illness Process, as well as the WHO’s guidelines to prevent social stigma associated with COVID-19 are in the resources section.  If the school division is notified by Public Health that a Regina Christian School student or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, the division will inform all school staff of next steps.  School staff and division office will call all close contacts and provide them with the information they need to know regarding quarantine, self- monitoring, etc…  Once close contacts and staff have been called and informed, an informational e-mail advising families of what is happening will go out to the entire school population.  Usually on the next school day, letters go home to the whole school informing them of a case (or cases) of COVID-19 and a more specific letter with instructions goes to the affected class(es).  Both of these letters are written with Public Health.  This process is always evolving and will be updated as information changes.


International Student Pre-Departure Plan:

All students and family are to read Regina Christian School’s most current International Student Readiness Plan prior to departure.  The International Studies Director will e-mail the Readiness Plan once the student or families have booked their flight and again three days prior to the departure date.  All students are required to download the ArriveCAN app and complete the required information one week prior to their arrival in Canada.  The ArriveCAN app is available for iOS, Android and online and can be accessed at the website below.

Students must use ArriveCAN to submit their travel and contact information, quarantine plan and COVID-19 symptom self-assessments.  This process must be completed and submitted prior to boarding the flight to Canada.  Students must be ready to show their ArriveCAN receipt when seeking entry into Canada.  A border services officer will ensure all required information has been submitted digitally.  Please note failure to submit the required information will result in border delays for public health questioning and individuals may be subject to consequences such as verbal warnings and fines.

As of January 7, 2021, as per regulations from the Government of Canada, air travellers 5 years of age or older are required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result to the airline prior to boarding international flights bound for Canada. See below for the new requirements for air travellers.

Students should include 10 disposable masks, a travel size hand-sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and a thermometer in their carry-on luggage or personal bag.  Hand sanitizer and several pairs of nitrile gloves will be provided by the Airline provider. In addition to these items, please ensure the following travel documents are included:  passport, custodianship documents (if applicable) study permit or permit confirmation document, a medical clearance letter/certificate with a COVID-19 or antibody test (if available), letter of acceptance from RCS and the Homestay contact information.


International Student Travel Plan:

Students are expected to observe the following guidelines while in transit to Regina, Saskatchewan.  Please always wear a mask, practice social distancing (2 Meters) and avoid close contact with others in washrooms and other common areas.  As well, wash hands regularly, use hand sanitizer often, sanitize applicable personal spaces with disinfectant wipes and use a personal water bottle.


International Student Arrival Plan:

Students should proceed through the airport while maintaining physical distancing.  Students should be prepared to present all travel documents outlined in the pre-departure plan to Canada Border Services.  Border Services or a quarantine officer will also screen travelers for COVID-19 symptoms.  Once through Border Services, students will meet homestay families in the baggage claim area.  Students will be taken immediately to the homestay families’ residence to begin the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.


International Student 14-Day Quarantine Plan:

Per the Quarantine Act, all travelers to Canada must self-isolate for 14 days.  Negative COVID-19 or antibody tests will not change this requirement.  During this period, students must stay at their homestay residence.  They cannot attend school, social events or any public gatherings.  Students are to stay in their assigned room as much as possible and use the washroom designated to them for the quarantine period.  As much as possible, students should keep away from others in the home.  Homes with seniors and/or people with chronic conditions or compromised immune systems are not a fit for quarantine periods.  If the homestay family has an immune compromised individual or senior living in the home, an alternate respite homestay family will provide care for the 14 days. 

As needed students are allowed to move around in the homestays’ residence but should always maintain 2-meter physical distancing with all residents.  If available, students can get fresh air in the homestay’s back yard, but must always remain on private property which is not accessible by others.  Students are not to go off the homestay’s property except for an emergency and not prior to notifying the International Studies Director of Regina Christian School.  Any emergent transportation needs must be done by private vehicle or emergency vehicle (if 911 needs to be called).  Students are prohibited from taking public transportation like buses, taxis or ridesharing.  Government of Canada officials may call the student to monitor compliance with the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.  The student must be prepared to take calls from 1-855-906-5585 or 613-221-3100.  All travelers and homestay families have a duty to report non-compliance for the 14-day Quarantine period.  This should be reported through the form on the Government of Saskatchewan website: 

To aid in the health and well-being of the homestay family, students should keep all personal items separate from those belonging to others.  Students should do their own dishes and not assist with homestay family dishes.  Students will do their own laundry and look after their own garbage collection and removal.  Garbage receptacles should be emptied frequently, and good washing hygiene practiced immediately after. 

To aid in their own health and wellbeing, students should complete a daily COVID-19 self-assessment through the ArriveCAN app or the Government of SK self-assessment tool available at:  Students should monitor their physical and mental well-being.  If students are not feeling well,  visit to determine if the homestay student is displaying COVID19 symptoms.  If the individual has COVID19 symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat), have him or her contact the provincial HealthLine at 811 for guidance.  As well, they are to contact the International Studies Director of Regina School immediately.  Students should keep in regular contact with friends and family via virtual methods and/or telephone.  The International Studies Director of Regina Christian School will check in regularly with all students. 

Throughout their stay, students are to keep their room well ventilated and cleaned daily.  As well, students should minimize contact with surfaces in shared spaces making sure to disinfect as needed.  At all times, the student should practice good hygiene following good hand washing techniques:  wash hands frequently with plain soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  Avoid coughing into hands or the air; instead, students should cover their mouths and nose with their elbow when coughing or sneezing and/or use a tissue.  Dispose of tissues right away into a trash bin and immediately practice good hand washing. Students are to work with the homestay family to keep each other safe during the quarantine period.


International Student Post-Quarantine Plan:

After the 14-day quarantine, students are encouraged to continue to use the ArriveCAN app to track their symptoms. Students must comply and follow all public health guidelines outlined both federally and provincially.  Students will begin regular study at Regina Christian School.  Regina Christian School provides mental and physical support for all international students throughout their time at the school.  Regina Christian School has two designated full-time staff members dedicated to supporting international students.  These staff members are available to provide counseling to the international students and support for homestay families.  In addition to staff dedicated to the International Student Program, international students have access to all services provided to Regina Christian students.  Regina Christian School, as an associate school with Regina Public School division, can access support for students with physical and sensory disabilities, learning disabilities, as well as physical or mental health conditions.  Regina Christian School employs a full-time chaplain to provide counselling and mental health support as needed.  All RCS staff have read the WHO guidelines for reducing the social stigma associated with COVID-19.  As well anti-stigma resources are available to students and staff through Regina Christian School’s library.  A list of these resources is provided in the attachments.  Students are monitored within their cohorts for signs of distress during the school day.  RCS has a no bullying/harassment policy and takes any act of racism stereotyping or marginalizing seriously.  Students experiencing or witnessing any form of racism/stereotyping are encouraged to report the behavior in person or anonymously to the school chaplain, their cohort teachers or administration.  Regina Christian School provides students with academic and personal support and refers students to community resources as appropriate.   


Homestay Pre-Arrival Plan:

All homestay families will be vetted by Regina Christian School staff for appropriateness and compliance with Regina Christian Schools’ International Student Covid-19 readiness plan.  Homestay families will ensure international students are not in the presence of vulnerable family members or permitted into group settings.  All homestay family members living in the residence must follow all public health guidelines 14 days prior to the international student’s arrival.  Everyone in the home must be free of any COVID-19 symptoms.  Homestay families will provide the international student with his or her own bedroom and as much as possible a bathroom designated just for their use during the 14-day isolation period.  If possible, only one healthy person should provide care during the quarantine period.


Homestay Arrival Plan:

One member of the homestay family will meet the student at the airport upon arrival. Please wear a mask and nitrile gloves when picking up the student. The vehicle must be cleaned and disinfected before and after pick-up.  As much as possible maintain physical distancing and use hand sanitizer.  The home stay student will be wearing a mask and be aware of the physical distancing and hand sanitizing expectations.  Homestay families are to follow the transportation guidelines outlined in Saskatchewan’s re-open Saskatchewan plan available in full at:  Once the student and luggage is retrieved, please proceed directly to the homestay residence.


Homestay 14-Day Quarantine Plan:

The homestay family will provide all the student’s necessities throughout the 14-day quarantine period. As much as possible, one healthy family member will provide the primary care for the student during the quarantine period.  During the 14-days, please avoid close contact with the student and when outside of the home, please keep at least 2 meters distance from people outside of the homestay family.  As much as possible limit the number of errands, keeping grocery visits to once a week.  Try to have only one person in the household do the shopping and shop at the least busy times.  If possible, make use of on-line shopping and grocery delivery services.  Avoid overcrowding in elevators and other enclosed spaces.  Communal/group gathering of any size is not permitted during the 14-day quarantine period.  Ensure all family members practice good hand washing hygiene and wash or sanitize hands after touching communal surfaces.  Homestay families are to ensure all hand sanitizer is Health Canada approved. Families are to clean and disinfect surfaces on a regular basis following the disinfecting/sanitizing guidelines in the Saskatchewan re-opening plan. 

These guidelines can be accessed at:

All occupants of the home, other than the international student, can go about their normal activities.  They are not under the self-isolation rules.  However, if anyone in the household exhibits COVID19 symptoms or is diagnosed with COVID19 in the home, families are to follow the recommendations provided by the local public health office.  Public Health will identify close contacts and determine who needs to self-isolate.

In assisting with the health and well-being of the international student, homestay parents should monitor the student’s physical and mental well-being. Homestay parents should ensure the student stays in his or her room most of the time and uses the designated washroom.  As much as possible deliver meals to the student’s room and restrict contact between the international student and other household members.  Assist the student in sanitizing his or her room and areas where the student has been.  Homestay families must report any signs of illness to the International Studies Director of Regina Christian School.  If the student or any other household member is not feeling well, visit: to determine if the individual is displaying COVID19 symptoms.  If the individual has COVID19 symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat), have him or her contact the provincial HealthLine at 811 for guidance. 

If the student is diagnosed with COVID-19, contact the International Studies Director of Regina Christian School immediately.  To avoid spreading COVID-19 with any unnecessary relocations, RCS’ preference is to keep the student quarantined within the homestay household in accordance with Saskatchewan Health Authority’s directives.  If medical intervention or hospital care is required, students with valid study permits are eligible for Saskatchewan Health coverage upon arrival.  If the homestay is unable to care for the sick student, the International Studies Director of Regina Christian School will arrange respite care with another homestay family. In extreme situations, parents may be asked to come to Canada to care for their child at their expense.


Homestay Post-Quarantine Plan:

Homestay families will integrate their international students into their lives as much as possible.  They will continue to ensure the students’ mental health and physical well being.  They will engage in on-going communication with the International Studies Director of Regina Christian School and will continue to monitor their household for COVID19 symptoms following all Saskatchewan Health Authority recommendations and orders.


Resources  - Saskatchewan Healthy Authority is now testing asymptomatic people for COVID-19. If you are interested in getting tested, refer to

HealthLine 811 – Up-to-date support for health questions regarding COVID19 as well as Mental health services are available, providing 24/7 crisis support and advice.

WHO – Social Stigma associated with COVID-19:

Provincial Resources for Covid 19 Self-Isolation Guidelines:

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