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Christmas Cheer Fundraiser

RCS Christmas Cheer Build a Snowman Fundraiser

Help us lift spirits this Christmas season by donating to our Build a Snowman Fundraiser! Funds raised go to help support families in our own community, Good News Chapel, Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, families in Kitchener School and our sister school building project in Guatemala.

We’d love to see every classroom build a snowman!

Our School goal is to raise $8,000.00 for our Christmas Cheer Fund. To do this, we ask students/families to participate in the sales at school being run by our high school and elementary SLCs. All funds from the candy canes, toonie toque day, bake sale, etc. will go towards the school’s total and your student’s classroom goal. We also ask families to consider donating directly to the Christmas Cheer fund. All donations over $20.00 will receive a tax receipt.

To build the excitement and to get everyone involved, classes will work together to raise $300.00. As classes collect money, they will build their snowman. For each $25.00 raised, classes will add, the body (3 snowballs), eyes, nose, mouth, arms, buttons, scarf, mittens, a hat and a heart. The class that raises the most money will win a popcorn party and all classes that raise $300.00 will earn popsicles.

Collectively the classroom money will be combined to hopefully hit the $8,000.00 goal! As a school, we hope the students can earn the following:

$500.00 – selected staff member(s) will accept a pie in the face

$1,000.00 – our Sr. Boys Basketball Team will sing a song with Mr. Glasspell to the student body

$2,000.00 – selected staff members will perform a rap battle

$3,000.00 – the entire student body will receive cookies

$4,000.00 – the SLC Co-Presidents will eat a Twinkie hot dog sandwich

$5,000.00 – High School students earn a free period/Elementary earn a movie afternoon

$8,000.00 – Mr. Rilling and Mrs. Munson will run a parking lot lemonade stand in the spring wearing silly attire. (All proceeds from the lemonade sale will be given to charity).

Donations can be sent via e-transfer to receivables@myrcs.org. Please indicate “Christmas Cheer” and the classroom(s) the money is to be applied to in the message field. You can also make debit or cash donations through our reception office.

To keep up with the classroom fundraising and to watch our school total rise, click here to access our RCS Christmas Cheer Build a Snowman Fundraiser.

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